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Personal health and healing support - Randpark Ridge, Randburg 011 794 2751  /  078 800 5753 &   support for Women Please note: The right of admission is reserved. My place and massage is hygienic, secure and provides for a healing experience. A massage that may support your body for: Cellulite burning, Depression, Anxiety, Exhaustion, Low libido, Muscle weakness, Painful joints, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, Tension pains, Stress, Headaches Book Now!

If you are interested in receiving a massage that leaves you touched, energised and healing, you will find it no other place than here. I am using highly potent healing oils that work on cellular and DNA levels that support the body against all known health conditions.

I believe in good massage and you will find it here. My current massage applications focus primarily to work against cancer. Everyone can benefit from a truly natural healing application. Simply make an appointment now.

The world’s most healing massage. A great health enhancement therapy for women. Simply decide to be healthy and to maintain your best rejuvenated condition. Massage for women is a caring, understanding and emotionally supportive, physically supportive and healing massage therapy.

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Your possible grief due to loss or disappointment, need to console, need for comfort, depressive mood, anxiousness, fears, dejected feeling, pre-menstrual-stress, healing from abuse, being abused, being rejected, being overloaded with work and responsibilities, expectations you battle to maintain or cannot meet and many more, physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, are real every day feelings and scenarios that you may identify with. I invite you to come to me for a positive, de-stressing, rejuvenating, and energy enhancement massage session that will touch you and support you. If you can not afford my fee, or if you are in a desperate situation, then I will accommodate you. If you cannot pay, then just don’t. I won’t even asked to be paid. Just make an appointment. Just sms or whatsapp something like ”Hi Pieter, can you see me for a session tomorrow at 3 PM? Suzan”. There are times that you have to be brave. Do it now.

Massage is one of the best therapies you can find. It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges your boundaries of being a conservative “go-with-the-flow”, “don’t care much about health”, “wait till its too late” approach and attitude. It further confronts you to expose yourself, your body, fat, scars, and weaknesses in a more or lesser way. Then also an unknown person will touch your body and rub tissue, bones and skin.

But, a well done, thorough and intense massage feels wonderful and all resistance crumbles.

At Effata, you now have various massage options to choose from at the most reasonable rates ever. We cater from a quick in-and-out to a long and comprehensive massage session. The world’s most healing natural massage oil is carefully chosen and prepared. This oil works very well against cancers and tumours in our cancer-prevention applications. Our special oils penetrate the skin well and do not leave the skin oily like with most common massage oils. Another special oil composition that is offered, nurturers the skin and enhances the uptake of the oil and its nutritional healing agents.

1: Quick ½ hour session: (R 200) Many people do not have the time to relax for an hour or longer and has to fit a massage session into their comfortable time zone. In this session, you will quickly undress and be ready to be massaged from head-to-toes or what is required by you. The aim will be to have as much of the healing oil be applied to the skin as possible in order to obtain the best healing effect.

2: Budget 1 hour session: (R 300) You can expect a full body and head-to-toes application with our very special natural anti-cancer oils. This session also goes quick in order to cover the entire body.

3: Long 1½ hour session: (R 350) You can expect a full body and head-to-toes application with our very special natural anti-cancer oils. This session provides enough time to focus on specific areas of the body.

4: Long 1½ hour + body health scan session: (R 400) You can expect a full body and head-to-toes application with our very special natural anti-cancer oils. This session provides enough time to focus on specific areas of the body. A body health scan is done before the massage session for scientific assessment and screening information to be considered.

5: Extended 2 hour session: (R 400) You can expect a double full body and head-to-toes application with our very special natural anti-cancer oils. This session provides enough time to focus on specific areas of the body.

6: Extended 2 hour + body health scan session: (R 500) You can expect a double full body and head-to-toes application with our very special natural anti-cancer oils. This session provides enough time to focus on specific areas of the body. A body health scan is done before the massage session for scientific assessment and screening information to be considered.

Questions and Answers:

What is the main aim of your massages? Cancer prevention, but also entire body healing and health enhancement, physically and emotionally - in the most pleasant, excited and natural way.

Is your massage sessions different from other’s? Very much in the sense that you will experience a proper massage with no de-energised or tired motions from me. You will also experience techniques and applications that is not found with normal massage. The first difference is felt from my caring personal energy.

Did you receive official massage training? Yes, from various professional and respected institutions. From that basis, I have develop my own much much better, more healing and potent massage programs. I have completed a thesis on healing massage. In this research program, I could scientifically proof the healing potency of my massage modality, especially on chronic conditions, including depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immunity, acute stress, and more.

What massage training do you have? Healing Hands International Academy massage certificate, New Vision medical massage certificates, Mensana aromatherapy, and more. I have developed a new much more comprehensive and truly healing massage modality based on scientific studies and applications.

Who is the massager? I am Dr. Pieter van Wyk, Ph.D natural and alternative health care, bio-resonance specialist and healing massage research scientist. In order to provide this kind of massage, I have to be extremely fit and healthy. I am open-minded and I understand that every person’s needs are different and every person may have her pre-occupied boundaries that will be respected. I do not gossip or provide any information to anyone regarding my clients. Massaging for 15 years +.

Can anyone receive a massage from you? My main client base consists of women. I prefer working with women of my own culture, understanding, and nature.

Can you be trusted with confidential and personal information? Yes, I do not discuss any information of my clients with anyone else.

What specific conditions may be addressed with massage? Depression, anxiety, insomnia, pms, addictions, arthritis, muscle degeneration, muscle tension, stress pains, poor immunity system, poor circulation, sluggish lymph, weight increase, infertility, painful joints, shoulder and neck tension and pain, poor libido, poor bone density, nervous system problems, headaches, migraine, hip problems, cellulite, brittle nails, hair loss, grey hair, skin problems, ageing signs, and the list can carry on forever.

Are there specific rules? The right to admission is reserved. No other person can ‘sit in’. No babies. No children. No-one under 18. No-one with a current contagious disease. We do have a shower. Clients should not have eaten much just before a massage. Please be on time for your appointment.

Where do you practice? Our health centre is at 72 Adelaar Crescent, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, Johannesburg. Tel. 011 794 2751

How can a person make an appointment? Simply phone me or send a sms like ”Hi Pieter, can you see me for a massage tomorrow at 3 PM? Jenny” I will reply to you.

How do clients rate you? Clients are normally overwhelmed by the new energised and thorough massage experience not found anywhere else. I get great ratings. My clients say I am good and work thoroughly, is sensitive, accommodating, trustable, hygienic, honest and open, positive, and has a good sense of humour.

What is your massage price structure? Massage price is R 200, R 300, R 350, R 400, R 400 and R 500 for the sessions indicated above and below.

Do you provide massage sessions besides normal hours? Yes, simply ask me.

What can a person expect when visiting you for a massage?

  1.  You will be asked to park your car behind the entrance gates. The gates will be locked.
  2. A quick health assessment form will be filled out, indicating your preferences and kind of massage required. Payment can be done then or afterwards,
  3. If a body health scan is to be performed, it will be done first. The scan takes about 10 minutes to complete.
  4. You will be accompanied to the massage room and explained what to do, where to put your clothes, to rinse and dry your feet, how to position on the massage bed, and to cover up your body with the provided bed sheet.
  5. You will be left alone for a couple of minutes to get ready. You will then be asked if you are ready before entering the room.
  6. The music will be chosen, adjusted, air ventilation and temperature adjusted. We have under-floor heating and a heated bed for winter times.
  7. The massage oil, healing properties and the massage process is explained and started. The oil is normally heated up in colder conditions or as required.
  8. You will on an ongoing basis be asked if you are comfortable and if everything is in order. You can sleep or simply relax during the massage session. You will be asked to report any form of pain or discomfort.
  9. You will be asked to turn on your side or back or stomach. During this exercise, you will be kept covered up.
  10. Upon completion of the massage session, you will receive instructions to relax a while, then to dress up and to come to the office for water and feedback.

What is a body scan? Electrodes are applied to the feet, hands and head for about 2 minutes. The Esteck is a scientific body screening device that provides body physiology markers by measuring various body compositions and providing the results in an understandable format. It can indicate the status of body infections, bmi, hormone levels, electrolytes, digestive system, cardiovascular system, immunity system, brain neurotransmitters, body pH, and more matters. The scan results are considered for massage application but also for additional natural health support.

What is your opinion about cancer? Most cancers are intentionally caused by vaccinations and other medicines. These matters are well known by the money driven pharmaceutical industry who makes billions of dollars from their ineffective anti-cancer therapies. Their fraudulent cancer research makes us believe it is an anti-cancer campaign but they also research how to promote cancer the easiest and the quickest. Every person who received vaccinations, even as a child, is a high potential case. The only way to combat this act to determine our life span and to let us suffer a horrible death, is to keep our health in good order and to apply the best natural anti-cancer therapies we can find. I do constant research on cancer and I apply the best anti-cancer therapy in the form of a massage for the healing agents of the used substance to be absorbed via the skin to reach every possible spot of the body.

Start your personal health enhancement way. It includes: Regular massage, stop smoking, moderate alcohol use, zero drugs, avoiding medicine, practice enjoyable exercise, enhance your mood, look healthy, be healthy and enjoy life.
Start now,    I’ll support your effort.